Pet Urgent Care Protocol

The veterinarians and team of NCVEC are trained to handle all manner of emergencies and urgent situations, and perform the necessary diagnostics and treatments.

Being AAHA-accredited, we meet or exceed numerous criteria in over 900 categories of emergency veterinary medicine, with an emphasis on urgent care, emergency care and surgery, and critical care.

The core elements of our pet urgent care protocol include:

24-Hour Availability

Regardless of the day or time, our team will be here to answer your call and treat you and your pet with the compassion and urgency you deserve.

24-Hour Critical Care Monitoring

Our hospitals are staffed with skilled emergency veterinarians and critical care personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means our patients will receive constant, consistent intensive care.

Using Technology to Provide Advanced Treatment

NCVEC uses the latest technology to coordinate and carry out the appropriate treatments for each individual patient, and monitor them effectively during their hospitalization. We have a digital whiteboard which gives us an overarching view of treatment schedules, patient status, and more. Additionally, we can access important information about our patients and their scheduled treatment plans.

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